Trailers Available

Fish Boat

-42" or 54" wide - 14' or 16' long 

-Adjustable Bunks, Winch Stand, and Keel Roller

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

-Single (42" wide) 

-2 Place (81" wide) - Features a 10' catwalk

-Adjustable Bunks, Winch Stand, and Bow Roller

Kayak/Canoe (KC)

-2 Place or 4 Place (42" wide) - 14' or 16' long

-6 Place (54" wide) - 16' or 18' long

-Adjustable Axles, Uprights, and Crossarms

Pontoon Float-on (PF)

-12' to 28' - Single, Tandem, or Triple axles available!

-Adjustable Bunks, Axles, and Winch Stand

Pontoon Crank-up (PC)

-16' to 28' - Single or Tandem axles available.

-Adjustable Axles, Winch Stand, and Load Guides

-Hydraulic lift also available!

Larger Center Tube (LCT)

-20' to 28' -This float-on trailer is specially designed for tritoons with larger center tubes.

-Adjustable Bunks, Axles, and Winch Stand

-Tandem and triple axle available.

Options Available

Spare Tire Carrier

Attach a spare tire to your trailer for emergencies using our handcrafted spare tire carrier.

Ladder and Handrail

Add a ladder and handrail for easy deck access. Non-slip steps for your safety.

Float-ons only!

Tongue Jack

Make your trailer much easier to maneuver. 

Included with all pontoon trailers!

LED Lights

Light up the road with our super bright LED lights. 

Includes marker lights!

Pontoon Load Guides

Guide your pontoon into position with ease. 

Crank-ups come standard with load guides!

Fish Boat Load Guides

Guide your fish boat into position with ease.

Adjustable Tritoon

Adjust the height and width of your center tube bunks.

Brakes Hydraulic/Electric

Have your trailer fitted with Hydraulic or Electric brakes, even choose how many axles brake. Any trailer with brakes comes with radial tires.

Pontoons Only!

Hydraulic Crank-up

Operate your crank-up with a controller to make loading and unloading even easier!

Triple Axle

For maximum weight capacity.

Float-ons Only!


"The outcome of the accident could have been tragic."

"Last summer my family was driving northbound on US 131.  I was pulling a 22 ft. pontoon traveling approximately 60 MPH.  A drunk driver was also traveling northbound in a large pick-up.  The intoxicated driver drove into the back of the trailer/boat at a high rate of speed.  The impact was tremendous and pushed the boat and pontoon through the back of my SUV.  Upon impact the trailer brakes engaged allowing me to maintain control of the vehicle and the trailer.  My 4 year-old son and 4 year-old niece were both in the back-seat during the accident.  The boat and the truck were totaled.  Thankfully nobody got hurt during the accident."

"I am sharing this story to let you know how thankful I was to have been pulling my boat with a quality Genesis trailer.  The outcome of the accident could have been tragic.  The tandem axles, hydraulic brakes, and safety chains worked together to keep the boat and the car under control after impact."    - Benjamin L. (Grand Rapids, MI) - 2017

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